Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Long Awaited Flying Eye Books

Why is the sky blue? How does a car move? 
Join Professor Astro Cat on an adventure 
into the world of physics.

 "For an aeroplane to lift off the ground it needs to
 produce a force that overcomes the force of gravity."

Discover every day sounds in this
 reissued classic by Helen Borten.

"I hear animals roaring, music blaring, people shouting, 
hands clapping, peanut shells cracking
 and balloons bursting."

Another reissued classic, Helen Borten 
pairs poetry with exciting images 
of our day to day world.

"I see the world as a great painting, 
full of lines and shapes and colors, 
to look at and enjoy."

Discover the majestic animals of the 
northern hemisphere in this 
beautifully illustrated book by Dieter Braun.

"Incidentally, its coat is not strictly speaking white: 
it only appears that way because of the reflection of the sun."

Want to see them in person?
Come by the store on Monday 10:15 a.m 
for Story time
Hope to see you there!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Uncle Goose Blocks are back in!

These blocks are special- handmade in the USA 
and available in 20 languages!

This round we decided on adding
 American Sign Language and Bugs


We are all restocked with our go-to Classic,
 French and Spanish Blocks as well.

Uncle Goose likes to switch it up, 
just look at their cute new packaging!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

New Art Kits From Djeco Are Here!

One reason we love Djeco
 is that they are always coming out with beautiful new art kits.
These are a few of our new favorites!

Design your own pop-era inspired fashion line. 

Paint beautiful designs on silk
 to create your very own fashion scarf!

With these kits your child will be ready
 to get their designs on the runway any day!

Free Summer Fun!

Grasshopper loves supporting this series. 
Check out their many offerings this summer -
grab a blanket, your kids, some wine and a basket of snacks!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Ocean Days

So many fun ocean books, puzzles, and toys on our front table. 
Come pick out your favorite!

Looking for a summer baby shower gift? 
Check out these cute ideas below!

Winter Water Factory always has the cutest seafaring rompers. 
Add some narwhal baby paper from Turtle Monkey Bug and Ocean Pop Outs
from Petit Collage and you have one adorable present!

Another awesome print from Winter Water Factory.
Plus this silly and cute picture book from Bob Shea.

Zutano is rocking the ocean themed prints too. 
And we love the orange! 
Pair with board books to complete this sweet gift!