Thursday, February 5, 2015

Rainy Days with Djeco

We love french company Djeco for so many reasons.
One of those reasons is that they have so many amazing art kits and games!

On rainy days like today, sometimes it is best to snuggle up
and do some fun crafts! Here are some of our favorites!

Art by Numbers - Water Lily

Foil Pictures: Dragon

Kirigami Parachutes - Girls Team

And what sounds better on a rainy day than doing a beautiful puzzle? 
Maybe a mug of hot cocoa to go with? 

Feel more like a playing a game?
 Here are two fast paced card games that we adore!
Challenging and fun for kids and adults.



Of course rainy days are fun for puddle jumping,
but with so many great activities, you can have a blast indoors too!

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