Friday, January 22, 2016

Little Builder

Building with blocks is such an integral part of childhood. 
But when those beautiful wooden blocks start feeling
a little too simple, it's fun discover all the
 awesome building toys out in the world.

This Architetrix Construction Set from Hape
 is perfect for experimenting with height and balance. 

Texo from Guide Craft is basically lincoln logs and tinker toys
 combined into one super sweet building set.

Perfect for kids who love tools,
 this construction set is great for practicing fine motor skills.

One of our best sellers, Squigz can suction to almost anything!
 You can build with them or just enjoy sticking them to everything.

Getting a little tired of legos? Plus Plus are an awesome alternative
 that allow for a little more open ended play. 
Make patterns, or build whatever you can imagine!

Also great for open ended building,
 Tegu has strong magnets inside wooden blocks that allow
you to build whatever your heart desires!

What's your favorite way to build?

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