Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Long Awaited Flying Eye Books

Why is the sky blue? How does a car move? 
Join Professor Astro Cat on an adventure 
into the world of physics.

 "For an aeroplane to lift off the ground it needs to
 produce a force that overcomes the force of gravity."

Discover every day sounds in this
 reissued classic by Helen Borten.

"I hear animals roaring, music blaring, people shouting, 
hands clapping, peanut shells cracking
 and balloons bursting."

Another reissued classic, Helen Borten 
pairs poetry with exciting images 
of our day to day world.

"I see the world as a great painting, 
full of lines and shapes and colors, 
to look at and enjoy."

Discover the majestic animals of the 
northern hemisphere in this 
beautifully illustrated book by Dieter Braun.

"Incidentally, its coat is not strictly speaking white: 
it only appears that way because of the reflection of the sun."

Want to see them in person?
Come by the store on Monday 10:15 a.m 
for Story time
Hope to see you there!

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