Thursday, January 7, 2016

Rainy Day Plans Part 1: Games for Littles

Here in Portland we love exploring the outdoors. 
But sometimes the weather makes staying in sound a little nicer. 

So here begins a little blog series about fun ways to
 keep your kiddos entertained between snuggle sessions and puddle jumping!

Part 1: Games for Littles

Dream of summer with this super adorable
 ice cream matching game from Eeboo.

Butterflies make practicing communications skills
 and color matching with your toddler so fun!

We love card games. Practice matching these cat outfits,
 but watch out for the little bandit kitty!

Spot It!  is great for anytime. At home, in the car or at restaurants. 
This ABC version is perfect for young children trying to get that alphabet down!

Introducing what is perhaps the cutest bingo game of all time. 
Plus, spinners are always a hit!

That wraps it up for our favorite games for younger children.
Stay tuned for more inside play ideas.

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