Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Rainy Day Plans Part 2: Arts and Crafts

Part 2: Arts and Crafts

Rainy weather calls for big mugs of cocoa, an extra long nap time
 and a good old fashioned art project!

Feel like getting a little messy?
Finger painting is a great sensory activity perfect for toddlers. 

Tape big sheets of paper over a table to
 make a giant piece of art and have easier clean up!

Maybe you prefer something a little more structured? 
These art kits from Djeco have everything you need to complete a project.

Whether it's lacing, making a multi-media collage or rubbing patterns, 
these kits have something for everyone.

We also love all the crafty projects from Petit Collage
We are especially fond these paper doll chains.

They make the perfect little decoration
 for the playroom too!

Stay tuned for more rainy day ideas! 

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